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Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research
This wiki is a reference collection on photonics. Most of the text has been captured from a series of lectures recorded in 2005-2008 by Center faculty Jean-Luc Bredas (Georgia Tech), Neal Armstrong (University of Arizona) and Seth Marder (Georgia Tech). You may also want to search the CMDITR Photonics Digital Libary for individual learning objects.

(The sections below with ** asterisks are currently in development, the rest are in draft form)


Thrust 1: Organic Electro-Optic and All-Optical Materials and Devices

**Propagation of Light (Brédas)

  • Light Propagation in Materials
  • Optical Fibers
  • Total Internal Reflection
  • Planar Dielectric Waveguides
  • Optical Fiber Waveguides
  • Dispersion and Attenuation Phenomena
  • Optical Fiber Materials
  • Optical Communication Systems
  • Materials (Carl Bonner)

**Quantum Mechanical and Perturbation Theory of Polarizability (Brédas, Robinson, Rehr)

Second-order Processes, Materials & Characterization


Third-order Processes, Materials & Characterization

Tpa concentrated.png

**Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors (Luscombe, Reid)

**Techniques for Fundamental Processes (Ginger)

**Design of n-type Semiconductors for Organic Electronic Applications

field effect transistors

**Lasers (Brédas)

**Integrated Si Photonics (Hochberg)

Thrust 2: Light Sources and Organic Electronics

Photonics Integration

Si waveguide em.jpg

Basics of Light

Snells law wavefronts.gif

Luminescence and Color

Cie chromaticity diagram wavelength.png

Molecular Orbitals


Electronic Band Structure of Organic Materials


Absorption and Emission of Light

Abs Emis stokes.png

Transport Properties


Liquid Crystals and Displays

Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Blue phosphorescent OLED developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Organic Solar Cells

OPV Test Cells

**Organic Photonics Applications in Information Technology

  • Modulators for Fiber Communication

**Recent Results of “State-of-the-Art” STC Research

Research Equipment, Devices and Techniques

General Research Best Practices

External Photonics Education Links

Acronyms and Unit Abbreviations

Credits and Reviewers