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There are many people who have assisted in the production of this wiki. This page shows where the materials came from and who was involved. Most of the text has been captured from a series of lectures recorded in 2005-2008 by Center faculty Jean-Luc Bredas (Georgia Tech), Neal Armstrong (University of Arizona) and Seth Marder (Georgia Tech).

This wiki was created by the Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research -NSF Grant #0120967


Topic Contributor/Source Reviewer/Editor
1 Photonics Core Concepts and Applications
Basics of Light Brédas - GT6484,GT6483 Kippelen
Optical Fibers, waveguides and lasers Brédas - GT6484 Peyghambarian, Fallahi
Molecular Orbitals Marder - GT6483 Massimo Malagoli (Brédas)
Electronic Band Structure of Organic Materials Brédas - GT6483 Peyghambarian, Jayan Thomas
Absorption and Emission of Light Brédas/ Marder Kevin Noone (Ginger)
Transport Properties Brédas - GT6483 Armstrong, Graham
Liquid Crystals and Displays Marder - GT6484 Kippelen
Organic Light Emitting Diodes Neal Armstrong - CMDITR Byoungnam Park (Reichmanis)
Organic Solar Cells Jean Luc Brédas' - GT6483, Neal Armstrong- REU Armstrong Erin Ratcliff
Organic Electronics Luscombe, Peter Kazarinoff Jenekhe
2 Non Linear Optics and Electronics
Quantum Mechanical and Perturbation Theory of Polarizability Brédas, Robinson, Rehr Rehr, Brédas, Robinson – review each other's work
Second-order Processes, Materials & Characterization Seth Marder - GT6484 Paul Cunningham (UMBC) Paul Cunningham Jen, Chen, Norwood
Third-order Processes, Materials & Characterization Seth Marder - GT6484, Mariacristina Rumi Mariacristina Rumi, (Hochberg, Perry)
Organic Photonics Applications in Information Technology Norwood, Michal Malicki - Georgia Tech- Thesis Introduction (Self Assembled materials, gold nanoparticles) Dalton, Peyghambarian, Norwood

**Photonics Integration Dalton - Photonics for Breakfast- Hochberg Norwood

3 Research Equipment, Devices and Techniques Shaun Taylor, Suzanne Hunter - Various - see below Graham
4 Professional Development for Research and Career Planning Seth Marder, Phil Reid, Jeanne Small Timofeeva, Black
K-12 Outreach Kits Shaun Taylor Jeanne Small

Research Equipment Training Videos

Topic Contributor/Source
OPV Fabrication and Test Erin Ratcliff / UA Armstrong
UPS/XPS Armstrong / UA Armstrong
Conducting Tip AFM Alex Veneman / UA Armstrong
Two Photon Absorption Todd Ewy / UW
Hyper Rayleigh Scattering Denise Bale / UW
SEM with E beam lithography Scott Braswell / UW NUF
External Quantum Efficiency Brad Macleod /UW
ATR - Teng Man Scott Hurst /UW
UV-VIS spec Ilya Kosilkin
TEM Xiaoxia Gao / UW NTUF-
Bright Spots Suely Black -NSU, Bob Norwood-UA, Sam Graham- GT,